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Welcome to Novem Coal

Novem represents the auspicious number 9 & signifies nine resources required for deep understanding & operating a business successfully.

Novem Logo & color represents the following:

Diamond shape means Coal as fossil fuel shall be in demand valued like a diamond

Black: represents coal or black Diamond

Green:represents the green environment that we respect and will preserve & restore.

Orange: represents the high energy fuel

Blue: represents the clear blue skies resulting from our clean coal working conditions

The Nine resources that Novem Coal Possesses and that makes it set high Business standards and a leader in the coal industry are:

Experience Knowledge Law abiding & fair practices
Corporate Governance Commitment Network & strategic partnership
Growth & expansion Passion Social responsibility & employee care

These Nine resources is part of Novem group day to day Management and that makes its difference in its presence and operations and image worldwide.

Novem coal with over 20 years experience in Indonesia has embarked on its journey to acquire & mine coal assets, enter into strategic partnership with end users in power, assist major coal users to acquire coal assets and has plans for expansion to new coal producing countries Africa and establish itself as a strong & Reliable coal mining & trading company this decade.

(US$ / mt)
ICI-1 6500 62.50
ICI-2 5800 56.00
ICI-3 5000 44.00
ICI-4 4200 31.75
ICI-5 3400 21.50

  Prices as on: 01 June 2015

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Hacked By Kamran.Haacker

From ◄ Iran ►

My insta

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